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> UNITING HANDS - Message for the world

SLOVENKA /30/ a weekly magazine/
22 - 28 July 2002
Predsa je vyrazny na platne aj na kozi

The aRT - there is the art and a riddle in the title of Roman Turcel's exhibition in Prievidza. He spends his life in the Upper Nitra Region. There is the typical signature in his pictures with a unique sense of colours and brightness. He doesn't waste red. He doesn't scatter yellow and orange.
… and he is expressive though.
Because he knows…
Painting is a way of the life. He spends a lot of time in the solitude. He shows the spiritual world in his pictures. He shows themes which come from the deepest subconscious. The things which flow around but we do not sense them. His view is futuristic and it is a message for today's generation.

ŽIVOT /29/ a weekly magazine/

Roman Turcel - a young Slovak artist enjoys playing with the art and the words.
He entitled his last exhibition "The aRT" ( letters RT stand for Roman Turcel). Everyone who attended his opening was tapped by Roman's hands. Because the work of hands leaves signs everywhere and on everyone.
The exhibition was open by Michal Docolomansky - a famous Slovak actor who owns several Roman's works.

Saturday 29/06/2002

The artist Roman Turcel lives in Prievidza. He stimulates the arty life in the Upper Nitra Region. He attracts attention of important persons to this area. Michal Docolomansky /a well known Slovak actor/attended his exhibition at the hotel Benedikti. He showed a great interest in Roman's works so he ask the artist to paint a picture for him.
Roman introduces the works with a dominance of hands. "You give signals and energy through the hands. You get information about each other. Hands can say a lot about a man. My pictures are the signs which express the feelings. The hand is a symbol of a man. I would like the audience to feel the hands on the body. I want hands to be exciting and burning." … and it was realised at his opening. There were the author's palm prints on the models.
Roman Turcel - a sensitive and initiative artist, a philosopher… He is a member of Galery fon Art. He and his colleagues try to brisk up the art life in Slovakia also outside Bratislava. Is it possible?
"Prievidza is a town close to Bojnice. We live in a valley which offers a rare meditative and creative peace. So that's why I love it. I love people who live there. We want to achieve outside this region."
The dominant picture of the Turcel's exhibition is called ICON. Roman Turcel expresses his worrying attitude to the religious faith. "I feel that people pray to the cross more often than to God."
He is seeking for the real values and the God's messages.

Ivona Vojtasova

"Someone said : "Music is an international language which connects people. I hope it won't be immodest to say the same about the art work of my young friend Roman Turcel." These words were said by Michal Docolomansky at the opening of Roman Turcel. It took place at the hotel Benedikti in Prievidza. The opening had a name The aRT. It expressed the connection between art and the author (letters RT stand for his name and surname).
Roman ,an idealist with his energy and desire can not saturate with creative art. He has been painting since his childhood. He has exhibited in Prievidza, Bojnice, in Bratislava. People interested in Roman's art could see his works at competitions in Trencin, Dubnica nad Vahom and Bratislava. His pictures do not belong to the portrait painting or landscape-painting. His works express unvoiced ideas which flow in the head of a young philosopher. He venerates values coming out of the human soul. Roman paints in accordance with his feelings. The colour shades also respond his feelings. Although Roman's pictures use only a few words they are precise and they talk. He doesn't waste red. He doesn't scatter yellow and orange.
… and he is expressive though.
Indulge your passion for the search and come into the hotel Benedikti. The pictures of Roman are waiting there for you until 7th July 2002.

International ExPRESS

No, fortunately, not. Roman is alive! He just decided to celebrate 30 at the age of 28. Nobody knows what there will happen in two years. What a peculiar brand of humour! The artists are a bit strange, aren't they? O Roman celebrated his birthday and his opening of his new pictures at the same time. It took place at Cafe 2000 in Prievidza.

Magazine MOMENT /41/

Roman Turcel - a creative artist is a very interesting person. He celebrates his 30th birthday 3 years in advance. The celebration is called VYSTAVA 30 and it is also the exhibition of his works.

Roman began as a self-taught artist / an amateur. He has become a surrealist who express his thoughts through the symbols.
Everything took up when he was a teenager. "I had problems to communicate. I wasn't able to express myself. So I tried to use painting to contact the world around. I looked like a baby-seal and that also helped me to be an outsider."
He was 15. His weight was about 100kg. But you cannot find them anymore. How did he lose his weight? He didn't do any sports. He wasn't on diets. The kilograms left suddenly.

24/09/2001 5/2001

A few months ago shop window at the department store in the center of Prievidza came to life. A few days ago Cafe 2000 also came to life thanks to the gallery of a few pictures. They come from the art work of a young artist who lives in Prievidza. His name is Roman Turcel. The opening of exhibition was a celebration of Roman's 30th birthday. It took place on Thursday 13th September. Although he was only 28. That was an unconventional way to attract people and offer them something of himself. And he was successful. The series of his colour pen-drawings is different from his previous works. As he said it had originated in a short time. There was a difference in a base of pictures. He decied to change it. He used paper instead of canvas. That influenced a segmentation and a stratifying colours. It has also caused a unique colourity of the series. The pictures seem to be fresh and bright.

ŽIVOT /31/ 20/07/1999

Felicia Boronkayova, FOTO: Rastislav A. Sorman
Vážil sto kilogramov a nevedel sa vyjadrovať

"When I was a child I found difficult to express myself. So everything I wanted to say I expressed through the painting. I looked like a baby-seal and that all helped me to be an outsider. I weighed about 100kg when I was fifteen. My classmates made a fun of me."

This is a beginning of Roman Turcel's painting.

You cannot find his excess kilograms anymore.
He had been doing jogging. He had been on diets. It did not help.
But suddenly the kilograms left suddenly. It seems that an overweight can be useful. He spent more time on his painting. He copied the art works from the Old Masters. Roman is an amateur. He left the art school after 6 months. His talent and the real life were his teachers. His art growth came to its end when his mother left their family.
I was 15 when she took my youngest sister and she left. My brother and me stayed with the father. This event affected my art work. I began to paint the things which I was worrying about("Sister with a black sheep") and express my attitude to the world.
He felt that he had something to show.
Roman became a surrealist with a unique symbolism. There are his thoughts and messages written in the margins of his pictures. He regularly attended competitions. He collected the awards. He earned as he could. Sometimes he sold tickets at the father's disco or worked at the buffet. In 1996 he opened his first exhibition. Last year in February there was a really good one. He and his friends established a touring gallery and organize exhibitions around Slovakia. It helped him to get his works into the art café Gremium. He achieved a great success. The director of Gremium said that it was the first time she had seen
her guests sitting and studying shown art works.
Guests were attracted by the oil on canvas; pictures impregnated with glues and stains; relieves with latex colours, sprays and felt tip pens which he often uses for drawing sketches. Well known actors, journalists and moderators are interested in his art and they also want to own some of Roman's pictures.
Roman Turcel deals with the advertising graphics.

International ExPRESS /8/ 19/02/1999

Roman Turcel - a likable young man who spends his creative life in The Upper Nitra Region. He shows themes from the deepest subconscious. Things which flow around us. We often do not sense them. His view on the life is futuristic and it is felt as a powerful message for today's generation.

Your work seems to be surrealistic. Hasn't anyone suspected you of an admiration for Salvator Dali?

No, not yet. Because my ways of expression are very personal. A figure, a hand or anything that belongs to me. This my medium which talks to people through my pictures. People have a tendency to categorize everything and everyone. I try to cancel all categories in my life.

Haven't you found it difficult to live your private life without categories?
What do you do when you come at home and there is prepared nothing to eat?

I don't mind. It can not dispirit me. I spend a little time at home.

How do you feel everyday life? Are you a surrealist or a romantic?

I have my own personal view on that. It depends on things it offers to me and how it touches me.
Things go through me. My work reflects my experience, feeling and the attitude to the life.

You combine various techniques in your work. What is the heart of them?

Canvas and oil. I am attracted by the nature of canvas. It stands out and I put some scenes on it. I use a diluter, a stain and a spray.

What do you take into account when you choose themes and techniques?
Do you respect a commercial angle of the art work? Is it important to you?

I always consider several aspects. I do not prefer a financial side. It comes a long long time after finishing my work. At the moment of creating the art work I don't think if I sell it well. Painting is my drug and my inspiration. I get my fix I am satisfied. When I am in comfort and peace there a lot of ideas which come up. I am only a mediator, an efficient worker and a final element of the mosaic.
While I am painting I do not feel the time I only feel something spiritual what stands over all material things. My work express my view on the spiritual world. Sometimes I am surprised what I have created. It seems that my hand is led by someone else. But when I do an order I try to meet the customer's requests.

Where can we see your pictures? Can we buy them?

The modern art is not preferred at this moment. People are interested in works of the Slovak classics e.g. Bazovsky, Benka. We established a "touring" gallery "Gallery fon Art". We introduce the modern Slovak artists and their works. We also arrange exhibitions. The first one was called Nepoznane svrbi, the next one Plazenie muzy. We offer an unconventional scene and an amusement. People often see the art as something difficult and stiff. That's why we decided to offer something new and unconventional…

Roman Turcel has a lot of great ideas and inspirations. His works and attitude to life prove it. We do not have to be experts in art to understand him. There is his exhibition - "á 1999" - in Bratislava / Gallery Gremium /.

Lubica Janeva, foto: Rastislav A. Soman