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Uniting Hands by Roman Turcel

One of Slovakia.s most lauded visual artists brought his latest groundbreaking art exhibit to the U.S. on Tuesday, May 10th 2005. The Slovak Embassy in Washington, D.C. has delightedly agreed to house Roman Turcel's visionary presentation entitled 'Uniting Hands' - a collection of 23 remarkable oil on canvas pieces. The theme that the exhibit plays upon, one most appropriate for the current state of world affairs and one well illustrated by Turcel's title, Uniting Hands, is that of global unity. The collection starts small but aims big, effectively embodying what it espouses - each piece is dedicated to global leaders, celebrities, and world renown, modern-day visionaries, who Turcel invites to use their clout to popularize the notion of global unity.

Each painting in this exhibit is like an envelope; it is up to the people depicted in each to fill it with a message. Roman Turcel invites the pan-cultural characters in his paintings to sign those messages directly onto his canvases. The talented young artist, who has been painting since 1993, has produced artworks that are at once organic, interactive, and as this exhibit demonstrates, uniting - a feat which he accomplishes all without any formal arts education. Sensitive to the injustice and discord the world is rife with, Turcel hopes that this exhibit will encourage people from all cultures and backgrounds to share their beliefs, learn from each other, and shake hands.

Richard Marko, the creative consultant who found Turcel, saw a fellow visionary's ambitions in his work and enlisted him to present his vision in the United States. "There are countless Americans around the world that are not US citizens," Mr. Marko believes. Marko's 'Americans' stand up for American values across the globe, effectively impacting terrorism and prejudice at the root in their homeland and in their neighborhoods.

The exhibit will be open to the public in the Koloman Sokol Gallery at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic thru September 2005. To make an appointment, please contact Mrs. Stella Kukuckova at stella@slovakembassy-us.org or call (202) 237-1054 ext. 223.

To show collection Uniting Hands or to purchase Roman Turcel's artwork, please contact Richard Marko at info@markostrategies.com